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International Police Association Radio Club Contest 2018

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Dear (X)YL and OM, 

the 43. IPARC contest is coming up on first weekend in november. It would be appreciated if you give a corresponding reference to this contest on your homepage and/or in your magazine. For your information please find the rules in the attachment. Further informations around the German section of  the IPARC, contest and the award program are available on our homepage ( 

If you are the wrong addressee please forward this information to the right person and/or let me know. 

By the name of the IPARC, I hope to have many radio amateurs of your country in our contest. 

After 22 years, I will "retire" from the job as contestmanager and there will be a new one next year: Christiane, DL4CR.

I would appreciate if you support her, too.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and support all the years! 


Vy 73 

Uwe Greggersen, DJ6QQ




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