Thierry, F4BDG will be active from Martinique as TO4FM between October 5-20, 2013.
QSL via EA5GL.

UPDATE #4 – The second round started at 05:40Z on 17th September 2013, one day earlier than the schedule. We hope that you have at least heard the XZ1Z signal from Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar.

Equipment for the second station had arrived at the station site in the morning of 18th, after an overnight run in heavy rain by land transport. We could successfully put up the new tri-bander and it had been working very good as well as the wire antennas for 160/40/30/17m. We now have two stations with three operators, JH1AJT Zorro, E21EIC Champ, and JJ1LIB Ted (he leaves Myanmar in the morning of 20th.)

I will update ClubLog as soon as I receive the logs, however, it may be a part of the logs. Please be patient.

UPDATE #3 – Zorro arrived Yangon last night and heading to Nay Pyi Taw this morning (XZ local time) while waiting the customs clearance of the additional equipment shipped this time. He will renew his operating more ›

Gary, VE1RGB; Rick, AI5P and Murray, WA4DAN announce that:

From 1-11 October, 2013 we will be active from Sable Island IOTA NA-063.
QSL manager: VE1RGB, favorite QSL direct.


DX... DX... DX... DX...

Deo WW DX tima će posetiti nekoliko pacifičkih ostrva u novembru u okviru priprema za sledecu DX ekspediciju u periodu novembar 2014/april 2015.
Plan i želje su da to bude KH5/P i KH5K ili KH1. Više informacija o ekspediciji biće u toku decembra 2013.

Hrane, YT1AD, David, WD5COV, Wasiliy RW4NW, Sergey RZ3FW i Dragos YU1AKV biće aktivni sa sledećih DXCC:

13 - 15 novembar KH6. Probaće da rade sa svojim USA calls: YT1AD - KH6/N9YU WD5COV - KH6/WD5COV RZ3FW - KH6/N7AFW QSL via HC

16-17 novembar 5W Samoa: YT1AD - 5W7A or 5W6A, WD5COV - 5W0OV, RZ3FW - 5W0FW, RW4NW - 5W0NW

QSL via HC

18-19 novembar KH8 American Samoa: YT1AD - KH8/N9YU, WD5COV - KH8/WD5COV, RZ3FW - KH8/N7AFW

QSL via HC

20-22 novembar i od 29. novembara do 4. decembra 2013 3D2 Fiji: YT1AD - 3D2AD WD5COV - 3D2OV RZ3FW - 3D2FW RW4NW - 3D2NW QSL via HC

22-29 novembar 3D2/R Rotuma Island: CALL: 3D2R

QSL via YT1AD.

Tim će učestvovati u CQ WW CW MS ili M2 sa znakom 3D2R sa ostrva Rotuma.

Radiće se uglavnom CW, SSB i RTTY

POZ, Acim YT3W


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+387 (0)62 196 322


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